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The Ultimate Guide to Writing a Mandatory Recycling Ordinance

Everything you need to know about writing MROs

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Is your community looking for a new way to increase recycling and reduce disposal? How about regulating costs and extending the life of landfills? Register to attend this free webinar to learn how to plan, write, and implement a mandatory recycling ordinance in your community.

After attending this webinar, you will:
- be ready to start planning your own mandatory recycling ordinance
- hear stories that will help you avoid common pitfalls
- be equipped with best practices to ensure your ordinance is practical and fair
- receive a free Roadmap to Mandatory Recycling Planner to stay organized

Reasons to attend the webinar:
  • Learn how to plan, write, and implement mandatory recycling in your community

  • Discover how you can avoid common pitfalls when writing the ordinance

  • Hear from experienced communities that already manage mandatory recycling ordinances

  • Receive a free Roadmap to Mandatory Recycling Planner

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