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Business Intelligence

Webinar: The Machine Learning Algorithm – Problem Mismatch

The Analytics Clinic - Live AI experiments interpreted by an on-camera expert panel

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With the modeling process continually becoming more automated, what control should data scientists retain over method selection?

What effects do certain algorithms have on different kinds of data resources and problem types? What about trade-offs between accuracy and explainability?

These are among the questions we'll poll, test on-screen and discuss live on camera with an expert panel in "The Realm of Reality."

Reasons to attend the webinar:
  • See the impact of machine learning algorithms mismatched to certain types of problems in live on-screen experiments

  • Watch an on-camera panel run the winning approaches through 'The Realm of Reality' for enterprise-level implementation

  • Post your most pressing questions to the panel and participate in live polling to view perceptions and influence hypothesis

  • Join discussions with the experts, panelists and participants in The Forum after the event

  • A live event unlike any you’ve ever attended at a price you’ve never imagined - free

Who should attend:

IT & BI LEADERSHIP, Including CIOs, CAOs, CKOs, CTOs, Stakeholders, Functional Officers, Technical Directors and Project Managers

LINE-OF-BUSINESS EXECUTIVES AND FUNCTIONAL MANAGERS: Risk Managers, Customer Relationship Managers, Business Forecasters, Inventory Flow Analysts, Financial Forecasters, Direct Marketing Analysts, Medical Diagnostic Analysts, eCommerce Company Executives

DATA SCIENTISTS: Who recognize the importance of complementing their tactical proficiency with a strategic planning and design approach to advanced analytics

TECHNOLOGY PLANNERS: Who survey emerging technologies in order to prioritize corporate investment

THE ANALYTICALLY CURIOUS: Who desire additional perspectives on the topic

CONSULTANTS: Whose competitive environment is intensifying and whose success requires competency with AI, machine learning, predictive analytics and related emerging information technologies

The Modeling Agency, LLC
Eric King, President
Eric A. King is the president and founder of The Modeling Agency, LLC. Eric is an analytic leader and translator who also serves as the creator and moderator of The Analytics Clinic. Every month, a new episode of the Clinic runs live experiments on popular machine learning and AI topics. A panel of seasoned active consultants then discuss live on camera how the winning approach is applied in today's complex environments and cultures in the "Realm of Reality" segment. Participation in the live Clinic is free to the first 100 to enter the online auditorium.
Keith McCormick, Senior Consultant
Keith McCormick is a highly accomplished professional consultant, mentor, and trainer, having served as keynote and moderator at international conferences focused on analytic practitioners and leadership alike.

Keith has leveraged statistical software since 1990 along with deep expertise utilizing popular industry advanced analytics solutions such as IBM SPSS Statistics, IBM SPSS Modeler, AMOS, Answer Tree, popular open source and other tools involving text and big data analytics.

Mr. McCormick has guided organizations to establish highly effective analytical practices across industries, to include public sector, media, marketing, healthcare, retail, finance, manufacturing and higher education.

As a Senior Consultant with The Modeling Agency LLC, Keith holds a very unique blend of tactical and strategic skill along with the business acumen to ensure superior project design, oversight and outcomes that align with organizational priorities.



11:00 - 12:30 PM
(GMT -4)

(Duration - 90 minutes)



The Modeling Agency, LLC enables growth-mindset organizations to build value-focused machine learning & AI-driven predictive modeling operations that produce measurable, accountable, understandable, adoptable and residual impact. TMA has been recognized as a 2018 Top 20 data analytics service provi ...
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