Webinar: Securing your enterprise from cyber attacks webinar

July 20, 2017 @ 2:30 pm - 3:30 pm Asia/Calcutta
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ManageEngine - Giridhara Raam

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The recent spike in malware attacks has forced organizations around the world to reanalyze the security of their IT.

To tackle a cyber menace, your organization needs a two-pronged approach that both adopts proactive measures to keep hackers at bay, and has the right tools if your IT gets infected.

Attend ManageEngine's two-part webinar series 'Securing your enterprise from cyber attacks' to learn about the tools and techniques you need to secure your organization from cyber attacks.

Part 1: Handling an attack | Thursday, July 20th 2017 - Speaker: Siddharth, Product Expert, IT security solutions
Part 2: Preventing attacks | Thursday, August 3rd 2017 - Speaker: Giridhara Raam, Product Specialist, Desktop Central

Why attend this webinar:

1. Learn some cool techniques and tools to counter the cyber threats causing havoc across the world

2. Ensure you are well equipped to not break a sweat if your IT comes under attack

3. Earn brownie points with your management by securing your IT

4. Talk to our experts and have all your questions answered during the Q&A sessions

More information about the speakers:

ManageEngine - Siddharth SS - Product expert, IT security solutions

ManageEngine - Giridhara Raam - Product Specialist, Desktop Central - Twitter

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Information about the Organizer:

ManageEngine - the IT management division of Zoho corp., - crafts comprehensive IT management software
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