Webinar: How to get any scholarships and live anywhere webinar

October 14, 2016 @ 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm Europe/London
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NonstopWorld - Jen Vu


NonstopWorld - Jen Vu

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Dear my friends, today is the day for you.
Today I am inviting you to join us in NonstopWorld academy, particularly the world of scholars.
Today is finally the day for you to learn:
- How to programme your mind, your thoughts and keep the momentum to take actions to get full scholarships to study abroad.
- How can you find a scholarship that is beneficial for your life career?
- How can you keep the momentum to take actions to achieve it?
- How can you distinguish yourself from other candidates?
- Why are you the right one for this scholarship?
- How to make the best use of the opportunities if you get the scholarship?

All these questions will be answered in this webminar.
I started researching on applying for a scholarship 7 years ago. I got 5 different scholarships including short-term and long-term scholarships. 7 years of researching and applying for scholarships, I made a lot of mistakes. I learned a lot. I am going to share with you.
I packaged all of my experience, my tips, what I learned from others during the journey of getting different scholarships like Erasmus, Chevening and other funding in this webminar. I cannot express how much thankful I am to these scholarships which raised my standard to help people in a bigger way. I feel compelled to share it, and I believe it will help you realize your dreams of making a difference in life.
No matter where you are now, but you have the intention to get a scholarship.
I will walk you through steps by steps to work on getting the scholarship. Even if you already got scholarships, this webminar can give you practical information for you to get better scholarships or to achieve other goals in life.
I know it is not easy but we can do it together. We all can do it.
Cannot wait to see you on the webminar!

Why attend this webinar:

1. To program a growth mindset

2. To make a detailed action plan

3. To keep the momentum for taking actions everyday

4. To stand out and be the right one for the scholarships

5. To learn the secrets of not only getting any scholarships but any goals in life

More information about the speakers:

NonstopWorld - Jen Vu - Mentor/coach/speaker/entrepreneur - Twitter

Jen has been inspired by her siblings who have saved her life three times, have always loved her unconditionally, intensively and have given her all the best things.

Seeing all the struggles of her siblings - almost dying, dropping out of school, choosing their own life route, standing on their own feet at the early ages, sacrificing for her family, courageously overcoming difficulties - Jen feels compelled to inspire others to be NONSTOP living meaningfully, purposefully and vibrantly, loving completely and openly, and giving to make a difference in life.

With 7 years experience of applying for different scholarships, achieving 5 scholarships including 2 full scholarships to study Masters in Spain and the UK, Jen will share with you her insight experience.

If you are asking, when is the right time. It is now.

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