Webinar: Communication Breakdown: Bridging the Heart-Mind Gap webinar

October 26, 2016 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm America/New_York
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Birla Vedic Network - Allain Lagadic - Twitter


Birla Vedic Network - Allain Lagadic


Birla Vedic Center - Guylaine Vallée

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Psychologists tell us the number one reason relationships breakdown is a lack of healthy communication. Unfortunately, we have little chance of successfully communicating our wants and needs to others if we are unable to communicate them to ourselves.

Training our mind to understand the language of our heart is essential for self-expression; it is the cornerstone of healthy communication and the foundation of any strong and lasting relationship. When we bridge the gap between our heart and mind we can communicate freely and in truth, opening ourselves up to love, happiness and success.

In her new FREE webinar, Communication Breakdown: Bridging the Heart-Mind Gap, astro-palmist Guylaine Vallee will teach you the emotionally liberating, relationship-saving skill of opening your heart to speak your mind.

Why attend this webinar:

1. How to communicate from the heart

2. Prevent fear and insecurity from destroying your relationships

3. Understand the difference between fantasy and real feeling

4. Develop trust and honesty: The foundation of a successful marriage

5. Don’t miss this life-changing Webinar!

More information about the speakers:

Birla Vedic Network - Allain Lagadic - Senior Marketing Strategist - Twitter

Birla Vedic Center - Guylaine Vallée - Astro-Palmist, Author and Speakers - Twitter

Guylaine is a master of the ancient science of Hast Jyotish (Vedic palmistry). Since joining the Birla Center in 1985, Guylaine has helped thousands of people through her consultations, counselling and teaching. She has touched the lives of thousands of others through her many appearances on television and radio, numerous interviews in magazines and newspapers, and in her popular lectures and workshops.

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The Birla Center is one of the most comprehensive palmistry learning centers devoted to the art of self-understanding.

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