Webinar: Attain Greater Value with Your Projects webinar

October 11, 2016 @ 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm America/Regina
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Enviro Integration Strategies - Karen Chovan, MASc., P.Eng., PMP - Twitter


Enviro Integration Strategies - Karen Chovan, MASc., P.Eng., PMP

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The work of the leader, project manager, and engineers alike, each play a significant role in enabling risk avoidance and improvement in design, as well as addressing external stakeholder concerns and requirements.

However, achieving success in multi-phase, extended duration projects requires distinct collaboration, coordination, and communication elements.

Explore the ways and means to:

- Reduce risks,
- Find improvement opportunities,
- Plan based on decision points, and
- Lower costs throughout the life of your project.

This webinar will cover:

- Complementary Improvement Philosophies to Consider
- When & How the Greatest Value can be Derived
- Decision-Making & Planning Influences
- Critical Project Management Factors

Why attend this webinar:

1. You want to reduce the potential for delays and cost overruns on your projects.

2. Sustainability integration is a new concept for you.

3. You want to stand out amongst fellow project managers!

More information about the speakers:

Enviro Integration Strategies - Karen Chovan, MASc., P.Eng., PMP - Principal, Sustainability Advisor - Twitter

A geological engineer, sustainability expert, and project manager with 20 yrs in industry, Karen has great insights into project risks, challenges, and improvement opportunities!

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Information about the Organizer:

Great project outcomes start with solid, holistic, front-end planning, where all of a project's risks, requirements and improvement opportunities can be sought out, clarified, and used in decision making and planning - before design, before construction, before operations.

I aim to educate and inform those who can truly make a difference, and to provide the strategies, tools and techniques necessary to identify the key areas that are causing nearly 75% of all schedule delays and associated cost overruns on industrial projects:

Social opposition and environmental concerns!