Webinar: 5 Cool Features of SALESmanago Marketing Automation webinar

November 15, 2016 @ 10:00 am - 11:00 am Europe/Warsaw
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SALESmanago - Jan Galas - Twitter


SALESmanago - Lukasz Krzywdziak

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Lots of customers are unaware that marketing can be easier, more efficient and less time-consuming. It can also increase your conversion and sales. Let us show you how to accomplish this with SALESmanago Marketing Automation.

During presentation you will learn:
- why and how companies use Marketing Automation
- why using Marketing Automation changes the role of CMO in companies
- what are systems main functionalities and modules
- what you can achieve using SALESmanago Marketing Automation
- what results other companies achieved

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Why attend this webinar:

1. Find out how to increase your conversions and sales.

2. Make you marketing less time-consuming and more efficient.

3. Learn what you can achieve using SALESmanago Marketing Automation.

More information about the speakers:

SALESmanago - Lukasz Krzywdziak - Senior Product Manager - Twitter

Starting a job in SALESmanago Marketing Automation was the begining of his journey with digital marketing. Before he was studying architecture at Cracow University of Technology and running his own, small business. Currently he is trying to use his ability of developing best possible functional solutions into finding proper SALESmanago features, suitable for the specifics of clients businesses. In his private life he stays optymistic, beliving that every change in your life is a source of real freedom.

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Information about the Organizer:

SALESmanago Marketing Automation provides an easy to implement next generation solutions that redefine the way traditional marketing tools are used. We are always going above and beyond the expectations regarding the capabilities of email marketing, dynamic & personalized website content, social media marketing, online advertising, and mobile marketing. Our unique methodology are done by powering them by the real-time flow of customer behavioral and transactional data.

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