Trends and Future Direction in Mobile and Stationary Energy Storage Markets webinar

August 26, 2015 @ 7:00 am - 8:00 am America/Los_Angeles
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PlugVolt, LLC - Michelle Boyer


PlugVolt - Michelle Boyer


NextEnergy - Kelly Jezierski

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Globally, the market for energy storage systems is expected to reach $100 billion by 2025. But what are some of the key trends, applications, and sub-sectors that contribute to that overall market valuation? With growing demand for stationary systems that can help utilities, public and private entities mitigate intermittency and fill gaps in off- and micro-grid systems power management, trends are developing. Many activities are policy and incentive driven and can vary widely by region. For instance, California and select Eastern U.S. seaboard states are leaders in implementing new stationary initiatives, but for very different reasons. Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFÉ) standards and consumer needs are key mobile storage market drivers, and the most significant opportunity here is for light EVs. This webinar will attempt to answer the question “What’s next for energy storage?”

Why attend this webinar:

1. Highlights of mobile (xEV) and stationary battery trends, including focal points by leading public and private energy storage consortia, costs and technologies comparison and key market drivers

2. New opportunities and trends in the light EVs sub-sector

3. Coverage of NextEnergy energy storage programs and clean energy roadmap stressing the most energy intensive steps in the manufacturing of lithium ion and lead acid batteries

More information about the speakers:

PlugVolt - Michelle Boyer - Marketing Manager - Twitter

Marketing Manager

NextEnergy - Kelly Jezierski - Director, Energy Storage - Twitter

Kelly Jezierski – Director, Energy Storage at NextEnergy

Kelly Jezierski has been with the nonprofit since 2007. She is leading a joint initiative to help advance activities in the domestic advanced energy storage sector, leveraging public and private partnerships and existing initiatives. Last year, NextEnergy helped drive over $15 million in new investments for local energy storage-related enterprises. Kelly holds a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a M.S. in Alternative Energy Technologies, both from Wayne State University and previously worked in the automotive industry.

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