Smarter Teams Where People and Smart Machines Collaborate webinar

January 14, 2016 @ 9:00 am - 10:00 am America/New_York
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Buyers Meeting Point - Kelly Barner - Twitter


Gartner - Tom Austin

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Working together, smart machines and people make each other smarter and protect each other from their weaknesses. As is true of interpersonal relationships, trust will be critical, and slow to emerge. We expose weaknesses of both people and machines, how each can strengthen the other and how the combination of the two is more powerful than either by itself.

Why attend this webinar:

1. How smart machines can make people smarter and protect them from their weaknesses

2. How to manage trust issues that will invariably emerge

3. How to gain the benefits of synergies within teams of smart machines and people

More information about the speakers:

Gartner - Tom Austin - VP & Gartner Fellow - Twitter

Tom Austin - Gartner Fellow (since 1997) and VP - drives Gartner's research content incubator (the Maverick Program) and is leading a new research community creating research on the emerging era of smart machines (a set of new, revolutionary and disruptive technologies that will explode on the market later this decade.) He is Gartner Lead Analyst on Google and contributes to our coverage of Google versus Microsoft in cloud-based services. Mr. Austin also continues to provide leadership on the digital workplace (and the role of smart machines therein), all of which bears on the development of successful business and technology strategies to enable or enhance the contribution of high-impact individuals and teams.

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