Reclaim Your Happiness And Wealth With Your Brain webinar

October 01, 2015 @ 3:00 pm - 5:00 pm America/New_York
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Global C2 - Nadia Vincent


Global C2 - Nadia Vincent

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Hi, I am Nadia Vincent, IT Management Consultant, a mother and entrepreneur. In the past few years, I experienced intense stress and a burnout.
As there were little help available, I set to find the root causes of the problem and a long lasting solution. I organized an international team of top brain researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists and internationally known personal development coaches to help me get my life back.

After I transform my life, with the help of these experts, I then develop solutions to help others as well. I bring help to people who are experiencing high level of stress, who risk burnout or who are experiencing burnout, severe changes or other adversities that make them feel overwhelm and not able to live a happy life.

Why attend this webinar:

1. How stress and changes affect us daily and how to apply and benefit from the latest discoveries in brain science for our happiness

2. How to improve your concentration, performance, energy, health, wealth, and create your ideal life.

3. How self-care can make a difference in your life and the lives of your loved ones

More information about the speakers:

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Nadia Vincent is an IT Management Consultant with almost two decades of experience in managing large scale IT projects and programs for international corporations. Every day Nadia deals with a lot of stress, changes and challenges in her personal and professional lives. She is also a devoted mother to two young children. A few years ago, she suffered from burnout.

Nadia has also seen countless others who were overstressed, feeling overwhelmed, or suffering silently from burnout and numbing their pains and frustrations with prescription drugs, dependent substances or even worse options. Instead of sitting idly by and letting it all happen to herself and others, Nadia decided to find the root causes of the stress and burnout, and to find a solution that would help herself. After she transformed her life, she then developed a solution-program to help others going through the same thing.

Nadia organized an international team of top brain researchers, neuroscientists, psychologists and internationally known personal development coaches and started the "End Burn Out" project. Her goal was to better understand why people are sometimes unable to deal with changes, stress and challenges around them, and why the results are often burnout, disengagement and sickness. Her findings?
The latest discoveries in brain science, such as neuroplasticity, show us that our brains are designed for survival. With a better understanding of how our brain works, the options we naturally have, combined with other tools, knowledge and technologies, we can transform our lives. We can change our outlook on life, be less stressed, more organized and much happier. We can create and live our ideal lives.

Nadia completed the End Burnout project and wrote "Sharp In" (available on Amazon) in-order to help us better understand how we can best deal with life's challenges, changes and stresses on a daily basis.

Nadia Vincent shares the essentials of what she has learned through her collaboration with some world class experts. Her "End Burn Out" solutions are designed to help people overcome their challenges and transform their lives. Let Nadia's research and experience help you overcome the stress, changes and challenges of daily life. Nadia's coaching is the perfect way to move past any negativity you currently feel. You can add positivity to your life, and increase your happiness, all with a little guidance and the tools from Nadia.

She also offers a Stress Management program, accessible online and free to the reader.

5 guests will contribute to this weinar. Including specialists in neuro science, personal development, finances, fitness and well-being.

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