Learn how to manage Conflict in various situations webinar

February 12, 2016 @ 8:30 am - 9:00 am Europe/London
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In this webinar we look at various kinds of conflict, from internal to team, and give tips on how to manage them according to the situation. Learn how aggression can be transformed into healthy assertiveness, and also what position you may find yourself in as part of 'The Drama Triangle'.

Why attend this webinar:

1. Learn how to consider strategies for self-assertion.

2. Develop a variety of conflict-management styles.

3. Reflect on the big questions that make collaboration possible

More information about the speakers:

Q. Learning Ltd - Richard Carr - Managing Director

Richard is guided by a belief in the vital importance in giving people and organisations an opportunity to learn, develop and grow. This belief, and his desire to do the right things in the right way with the right people, are principles that run through every aspect of Richard’s personal and professional life.

He has a love of learning and an appetite for self-improvement. This has lead Richard to identify and develop new, more effective approaches to challenging and guiding Q. Learning’s clients to achieve their business goals. In the past few years, Richard has apprenticed himself to learning, researching and understanding more about judgement and decision-making and this has generated new approaches that he is applying to a range of scenarios, from how boards make strategy judgements, to how businesses partner and collaborate. He also directs some of Q. Learning’s largest accounts and programmes, particularly those relating to leadership and transformation.

In his role as Q. Learning’s Managing Director, Richard inspires and enables the Q. learning team to adopt similar thinking and approaches to their work with clients and partners, and this is enabling Q. Learning to grow successfully as a sustainable business.

Before joining Q. Learning, Richard led businesses in the publishing industry – ranging from notable brands to start-ups. Outside work, he is a Trustee and Vice Chair of the National Education Trust.

In all aspects of his life, Richard attempts to help others achieve what the American poet Wallace Stevens described, in his poem Not Ideas About the Thing, But the Thing Itself, as a ‘new knowledge of reality.’

Q. Learning Ltd - Tim Stone - Senior Consultant

Tim’s experience of working with senior teams and across various leadership settings, means he has designed and delivered new initiatives to enable teams to anticipate, understand the challenges they face – so they are able to develop themselves to achieve their business goals.

At the ‘harder edge’ of development, Tim is a key member of Q. Learning’s assessment centre team; designing, administering and giving feedback through a range of simulated work tasks such as performance management and strategic planning as well as pinpointed feedback on personality instruments.

He has also managed the development of Q. Learning’s in house suite of diagnostics including the 360 Leadership Identities tool. Tim is very involved in working with individuals and teams to coach and develop them utilising a variety of development tools including diagnostics. Tim is at the forefront of delivering our innovative webinar based management development programme, which has enabled delegates to take control of their learning while limiting workplace abstraction.

From his experience of working with clients in the public, private and third/voluntary sector, Tim has gained the belief that people are often limited by their own perceptions and that enabling them to see beyond these can be the first step towards higher achievement in both the workplace and their personal lives.

His background in the third/voluntary sector has given him a varied work experience: from mentoring individuals to co-ordinating large scale events and leading teams abroad on short term projects. Whatever tasks he has undertaken, he has sought to develop his understanding of people to better anticipate and meet both their needs and expectations in order to deliver excellent outcomes.

Outside of work, Tim has a keen love of activity and exercise he likes to combine this with fundraising for charitable initiatives. He carries that sense of adventure into all that he does within Q. Learning.

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Information about the Organizer:

Q. Learning is a management consultancy specialising in:
- Transformation and change management
- Leadership and management development
- Team, group and organisational collaboration

We have developed diagnostic and assessment tools around 360 degree leadership, partnership working, personal development and board effectiveness. We are also an approved ILM Centre and an MHS EQi registered training centre and distributor.

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