How Karma Plays Out In the Afterlife: What Our Spirit Friends Are Telling Us webinar

February 09, 2016 @ 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm America/New_York
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Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Phran Ginsberg - Twitter


Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Stafford Betty, PhD

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Stafford Betty, PhD is a professor of religious studies who also has academic and personal interests in the afterlife. His views on this subject have been formed by research as opposed to religious scripture or theology. His books, "The Afterlife Unveiled" and "Heaven and Hell Unveiled," are based on afterlife research and provide insight into what we can all expect when we physically die. He cites actual afterlife descriptions provided by the deceased through world class mediums.

He believes the purpose of life is to grow one's soul, and we have much to learn from those who have passed before us. His research provides a road map to the afterlife including specific descriptions of what we can expect. His novel, "The Imprisoned Splendor," brings it to life in a vivid fictional setting.

You will not want to miss this stellar presentation!

Why attend this webinar:

1. You are curious about Life After Death

2. You want to know what life is like in the Spiritual Realm

3. You want to learn how Spirit Entities communicate with the Physical World

More information about the speakers:

Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Stafford Betty, PhD - Academic Advisory Board - Forever Family Foundation - Twitter

Dr. Stafford Betty is a Professor of Religious Studies at California State University in Bakersfield. He is considered to be a world expert in Afterlife Studies and takes a bold approach in teaching his classes. His "The Meaning of Death" curriculum includes discussions of mediumship, near-death experiences, past-life studies, death-bed visions, and other psychic phenomena. His main academic interests include, among others, the philosophy of religion,
paranormal studies, spirituality and mysticism, mind-body problem, and religion and science. His books, "The Afterlife Unveiled: What the dead are telling us about their world" and "Heaven and Hell Unveiled: Updates from the world of Spirit," address perhaps the most often asked question, "What happens to us when we die?"

His other books include: "Sing Like the Whippoorwill," "The Imprisoned Splendor," "The rich man," and "Vadiraja's Refutation of Sankara's Non Dualism: Clearing the Way For Theism."

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Information about the Organizer:

To further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education while providing support and healing for people in grief.

afterlife science (af'ter·lïf' sï'ens) n. The study of phenomena associated with survival of consciousness after death; including near death experiences, after death communications, life after life (death), and reincarnation.