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How New is the New Covenant – Session 6

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We will pick up the new covenant series by looking at the implications of the resurrection of Christ on how the early church interpreted and handled the Jewish scriptures of their day. We will see what the implications are for today regarding inspiration and "inerrancy." Thirty to forty minutes of instruction followed by discussion, question and answer. Those who donate $10.00 via Paypal at either or, may participate in discussion real time. Others may observe for free (watch and listen only), but still must register.

Reasons to attend the webinar:
  • Enlightening

  • Challenging

  • Hopeful

Stephanos Ministries
Stephen Crosby
Dr. Crosby has over forty years of experience in various forms and expressions of Christianity. His passion is for a radical understanding of the new covenant and a non retributive perspective of the gospel.

Stephanos Ministries is the Christian Ministry of Stephen and Rita Crosby