Energy & Sustainable Development: A New Global Compact webinar

September 16, 2015 @ 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm America/New_York
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Energy For One World - Adriaan Kamp

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The post-2015 UN Sustainable Development Goals and Agenda, including the climate change negotiations, offer us ("the world") a golden opportunity to raise the (types and levels of) conversation we have on Energy Architecture Developments, befit to the 21st century.

How can we do that?

Adriaan Kamp will host this special webinar (a first in a series) - as he is also invited to speak at the Global UN SDSN working conference later in September. Adriaan has been the Founder of Energy For One World, and has started these open conversations in Energy Executive Business Classes around the world.

This webinar is for the energy professionals and key decision makers who like to better understand the UN post-2015 Sustainable Development goals and agenda, our opportunities to contribute and who like to partner and join-in the organisation of solutions.

In this conversation, Adriaan will open the floor and frame, and hopes to help and inspire you in your step-up of business and working roles.

Why attend this webinar:

1. Young Professionals who like to be part of the solution, not the problem

2. Energy Business Leaders who are responsible for decision making and opertions

3. Senior Leaders of Government Administration and Corporates

More information about the speakers:

Energy For One World - Adriaan Kamp - Founder/ CEO - Twitter

- Global Change, Sustainable Development, Energy and Energy transition

- Leadership and Leadership over Change.

- Kamp worked 25 years in international project and business development management positions (5 countries) in the Upstream Oil and Gas sector (Shell Group International) and as a private entrepreneur of start-ups. He has grown in his leadership role by progressing a balanced view on our world, society and our individual roles and contributions.

- He is committed to servant and conscious leadership and common wealth. In his role as Founder of Energy For One World, Kamp has formulated a vision and action agenda to progress the (international) energy industry towards a next level of sustainability and leadership on Economy, Society and Nature- blending global needs with local possibility thinking. As such – his practice works and collaborates also with the UN SDSN/ ICSDP. Building bridges and transition from the conventional energy industry to the clean-tech.

- At Nyenrode Business University, Kamp has converted this vision into a new-styled Executive Energy (and Energy transition) Training – blending world-class academic thinking on Strategy, Execution and Organizational Change with practitioners and politicians from the energy value chain – advancing strategy and decision making based on this new awareness on the global and local change needs: game-changing the agenda.

- Prior to these roles, Kamp started his career as an International Staff member of the Royal/Dutch Shell Group. Following the training in a 9-month international “elite” class to become an “Oilman” in 1986., Kamp subsequently worked and lived in Oman, Norway, Syria and Scotland – in various general management roles in upstream projects – and business development.

- Early 2009, Kamp participated in a think-tank on world energy with some seniors. General question was: Is our leadership over our world energy system and energy transition appropriate? What are the opportunities? Since this period, Kamp travels on fact-finding missions to China, India, EU, Middle East and USA and acted as Speaker at Energy Conferences and spoke and speaks regularly with most senior leaders in the clean-tech industry, government, financial sector and the United Nations. The source and inspiration for his consulting practice: Energy For One World (

- Kamp has been a director of a start-up incubator and the founder of a mobile start-up company (Timespots) in the Netherlands. Over his professional life, Kamp has received a wide-range and diverse set of entrepreneurial and leadership exposures, is a certified project manager for large-scale complex projects (O&G, chemicals) and has been on the path towards conscious leadership for now over 10 years. Kamp holds a Master of Science in Applied Physics from the University of Delft.

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