Ask The Medium: Your Pressing Questions Answered webinar

November 03, 2015 @ 9:00 pm - 10:30 pm America/New_York
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Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Phran Ginsberg - Twitter


Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Janet Mayer


Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Catherine Nadal


Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Sirry Berndsen

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Forever Family Foundation Certified Mediums, Janet Mayer, Catherine Nadal and Sirrý Berndsen will come together to share their experiences, opinions and anecdotes with a limited seating audience. In addition, questions from the attendees will be addressed for the major portion of the webinar , but within the time limits.

Forever Family Foundation filled a void by creating a science-based medium certification evaluation process in 2004 and after careful trials and testing, opened the completed version to applicants in 2005. The policies, procedures and controls set within the process ensure the integrity of the program while maintaining confidentiality of both the applicants and the trained sitters.

While highly developed mediums agree that they do not know all the answers to what goes on in the afterlife, through their work, they have been gifted the process of communicating with our deceased loved ones.

Mediumship Readings will not be conducted during this informative webinar. Those seeking readings are asked to contact the mediums directly.

Why attend this webinar:

1. You have lost a loved one and want to know more about the Afterlife

2. You are interested in how mediums communicate with the deceased

3. You are seeking to develop your own skills in spirit communication and seek direction.

More information about the speakers:

Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Janet Mayer - Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium - Twitter

Janet Mayer is a medium who donated her services to research projects at the Human Energy Systems Laboratory and the Veritas Program both at the University of Arizona under the guidance of Dr. Gary Schwartz. She participated in many studies over a four year period, before leaving to start a private practice in mediumship.

She additionally spent four years searching for answers about a language she spontaneously began speaking while in attendance at a Holotropic Breathwork seminar created by Stanislav and Christina Grof. Her journey led her to Dr. Bernardo Piexoto, who worked at the Smithsonian Institute, and was able to identify and successfully translate the tapes she recorded. These recordings turned out to be channeled in the languages of Yanomani, Fulnio, Tucano, and the latest, Canamari, all languages from South America. These languages have continued to emerge over the past 16 years.

Janet has sat on the Medium Advisory Board of Forever Family Foundation since its formation in 2004, and continues to participate in research as scientists attempt to identify the process by which she is able to channel the language. She is currently working with Dr. Jeff Tarrant to study brain wave correlations when she speaks the languages as well as when she conducts spirit communication. Janet is the author of "Spirits . . . They Are Present," and can be reached via her website

Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Catherine Nadal - Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium - Twitter

Catherine Nadal, a Certified Medium of Forever Family Foundation, began communicating with Spirit at the age of nine. She has trained at the Arthur Findlay College in England, and continues on the path of advancing Spiritualism and Psychic Sciences. In addition to her private practice and workshops, she remains active in the U.S. Military, which she credits for the recognition that she needs to work more with the public in assisting them on their spiritual journey in life.

Forever Family Foundation, Inc. - Sirry Berndsen - Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium - Twitter

Sirrý is a medium certified by Forever Family Foundation who has been blessed with the gift of mediumship throughout her life. After embracing her clairvoyance, premonitions and vivid dreams, she decided to use her abilities to heal and comfort those who have lost loved ones. She has lived around the world, and understands the complexity of many languages – an ability that has helped her mediumship. She continues to utilize every opportunity possible to master all tools of spirit communication. Sirrý is also a Reiki Master, and maintains her private practice in Massachusetts.

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Information about the Organizer:

To further the understanding of Afterlife Science through research and education while providing support and healing for people in grief.

afterlife science (af'ter·lïf' sï'ens) n. The study of phenomena associated with survival of consciousness after death; including near death experiences, after death communications, life after life (death), and reincarnation.