10 financial measures you MUST use to grow your business and not run our cash! webinar

October 08, 2015 @ 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm Europe/London
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Better Numbers Ltdd - Hayley Chiba - Twitter


Better Numbers Ltd - Hayley Chiba

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This Masterclass tallks you through the essential 10 profit and cashflow measures you need to be measuring in your business, to grow profitably and not run out of cash.

Join me for a focused 45 minutes of engaging learning with simple visuals, minimal numbers and no jargon.
You will feel more confident and have clear actions after this class on how to:

a) Get a clear view of your current financial position, especially if you currently do not trust the numbers from your accounting system.
b) Learn about my own step by step process to identify how to release cash that is currently 'stuck' in your business.
c) Have some quick metrics you can calculate for your business to help you quickly identify where you need to focus in your business, in order to make improvements to your current levels of profitability.

Why attend this webinar:

1. Not understanding the numbers is not an option if you are serious about growth

2. A free Masterclass that is tailored, focused and will give you specific actions to take away

3. Includes Question and Answer sessions

More information about the speakers:

Better Numbers Ltd - Hayley Chiba - Twitter

Hayley Chiba works one to one with businesses, helping them to grow. She is an expert on cash flow management and can reveal, through her own processes, where your cash is being bottlnecked. She is known for her ability to put across financial data in a simple way to help small businesses learn. She provides group training via her webinars which target the essential areas of business finance.

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