Why watch this webinar:

1. How it can provide brilliantly qualified leads

2. How it can bring together peers

3. How it can keep delivering leads long after the event

4. It will also help you to find out why the webinar must be a user driven experience as well as give advice on the best social media tools to get your prospects to engage with you – right from the registration!

Why watch this webinar:

1. Learn actionable, practical tips for improving how you communicate to your team & to your customers

2. Strengthen a critical characteristic to your professional success: COMMUNICATION

3. Bring your questions to pose to a proven communications expert

4. Stay hungry - get better

Why watch this webinar:

1. Customize your monetization strategy so that it's scalable

2. Unlock the revenue potential of lower spending users

3. Attract higher-spend users

4. Negotiate monetization strategies without alienating current users

Why watch this webinar:

1. Brexit concerns and outlook for UK currency

2. Featured GBP setups we’re tracking

3. Key risks for Sterling and how to mitigate them

4. Q&A session with Kiana Danial

Why watch this webinar:

1. Why Prescriptive Analytics is considered to be transformational for your business in relation to descriptive and predictive analytics

2. How you can be agile and jump right into Prescriptive Analytics

3. How Prescriptive Analytics is helping AIMMS customers create high business impact

Why watch this webinar:

1. An explanation of why application whitelisting is essential and easy to do

2. Practical advice to stop malware from cyber experts

3. Advice to instantly improve your security posture

Why watch this webinar:

1. Understanding Technical Analysis with Elliot wave structure

2. Learn how to keep it simple

3. How to follow the rules

Why watch this webinar:

1. An insight into the different finance roles available through vocational routes

2. The skills that employers are on the lookout for

3. The qualifications that are needed to progress your career

4. The future career prospects when taking this career path

Why watch this webinar:

1. You want to accelerate your release cycles and ship code faster

2. Your team is spending too much time working on automation and not on core features

3. You need a strong DevOps automation platform that handles older architectures as well as new technologies like Docker and micro services

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