Why watch this webinar:

1. The API approach to Microservices

2. Career landscapes and opportunities

3. Essential skills for an API and integration developer

4. How to get started

Why watch this webinar:

1. What Is the Gartner “postmodern” ERP era?

2. What went wrong with ERP-based purchasing?

3. Will P2P purchasing solutions avoid the ERP “legacy” trap?

Why watch this webinar:

1. To understand Scrum.

2. Give Boost your monotonous Career graph.

3. Take competitive advantage on your work place/colleagues.

Why watch this webinar:

1. Engage employees with purpose and passion.

2. Overcome challenges of motivating staff to get involved in corporate responsibility initiatives.

3. Learn practical and realistic approaches to implementing sustainability through a green team.

Why watch this webinar:

1. How can companies begin to understand supply chain risks in the form of human and labor rights violation, transparency, and environmental issues?

2. How to drive federated policies that include common operating procedures, established standards, driving aligned supply chain processes and tacit understanding of how things work.

3. How can procurement work with shared holders to create shared values around working conditions and embed them in the supply base

4. How will creation of full transparency into operations across the extended enterprise impact our supply chain human resource policies?

Why watch this webinar:

1. Organizational learning can be turned from a cost center into profit center

2. To analyze learning and competencies more efficiently

3. Valamis, a Learning Experience Platform, can make learning more engaging and personalized

4. Engage employees, analyze engagement, reduce turnover, attract more talent

Why watch this webinar:

1. How to keep your finger on the pulse of your organization

2. How to optimize your workplace and culture

3. How to enlist your teams to help achieve goals

4. How to provide ongoing personal growth and development

5. How to create transparent and effective communications

Why watch this webinar:

1. What Multiple Time Frame Analysis is, and why top traders employ this method to find hidden opportunities

2. How to switch between different time frames and stay focused on the market trends

3. What time frames to use? Combining short- and long-term frames

4. And more!

Why watch this webinar:

1. Know more about IoT

2. How IoT is helping Major industries

3. How can you start using IoT in your organization

4. How will IoT change the world

5. How IoT will help you get better ROI

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