Why watch this webinar:

1. 46% of UK businesses suffered at least one cyber-attack in the last 12 months

2. Learn about the key cyber threats and online fraud techniques

3. Find out ways in which you can mitigate the risks of cyber-attacks and frauds

Why watch this webinar:

1. Understand the pressures and changes being felt by brick and mortar retail

2. Learn about experiential retail and create a strategy to deploy your resources

3. Pick up ideas used by global brands that can be deployed at any scale

Why watch this webinar:

1. Learn about latest Google marketing product from the Product Manager

2. Learn about enhanced benefits of Optimize 360

3. Learn about migrating from other optimization tools

4. Hear case studies about success with Google Optimize

Why watch this webinar:

1. Access to Rebecca Lieb's research on real-time digital marketing

2. Discuss marketing challenges with your peers

3. To take a deep dive into real-time digital marketing best-practices

Why watch this webinar:

1. It could be your site audited for free

2. No theory, practical stuff: site audit

3. Live Questions! Only available during the webinar (not in recordings)

Why watch this webinar:

1. Hear an “inside-out” approach to indirect procurement

2. Understand its application to specific Aquiire customer scenarios

3. Discover steps your organization can take to capture impactful cost savings

Why watch this webinar:

1. Why is wastewater recycling important?

2. What are the new methods for handling nonhazardous wastewater?

3. What is the most environmentally-friendly way to treat and discharge wastewater?

Why watch this webinar:

1. AMP or no AMP

2. Adaptive Design Rather Than Responsive one?

3. Ask intelligent question and you just made this expert/s your contact/s

Why watch this webinar:

1. Be proactive - understand the Blockchain and how it affects our society and economy.

2. Blockchain brings immense potential - learn how you can work with it.

3. Blockchain brings challenges - learn how you can tackle them.

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