Webinara Customer Testimonials

I have just started to work with Webinara, but I can see some results already. I think it is a great platform for webinar provider, especially if you have plenty of them, like in our case. Besides effectiveness it is a pleasure to work with you guys.

Anton Webpromo Expert

Webinara is a platform with a purpose in true sense and it is the first of its kind I have been taking full utility of. It has been a great community to shout out my events and have it promoted on Twitter with no ancillary effort. I like the ease of its use and periodic changes they introduce towards enhancing our social connectivity.


Webinara is an excellent, easy-to-use tool to help increase visibility for our webinars. They are helping us be seen by a new community of folks that wouldn’t be on our regular lists.

Directions Magazine

Webinara has been a great tool for obtaining attendees to our various different DevOps webinars. They continue to improve and adjust based on customer feedback and their staff is very friendly and helpful.

BovzOiZz 400x400

Webinara make it easy to promote our events. Showing our product to as many people as possible helps us to generate leads and build relationships – Webinara helps build brand awareness and allow people to see our software in action.

Pro Sapien

Webinara is a powerful outreach tool. It’s just amazing how it helped us to significantly increase the reach.

Orbex Logo 220x220

Webinara allows me to expand the potential audience for my webinars as well as to increase the social media presence of each event in only a few minutes of my time.

KellyBarner 200x200

We value each visitor to our webinars. We are delighted to see qualified attendees that convert to customers as a result. That’s why we use Webinara as a marketing tool.