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Promote Your Webinar

Get more attendees for your webinars - post your first webinar today!


How does Webinara different from my own webinar promotion?

We're not different, we complement what you are doing on your own. We make sure more people know about your webinar and help you expand your reach beyond the contacts who already know about your offerings.

We promote hundreds of webinars every month, and we interact with the members of the Webinara community. This engagement helps you increase attendance rates.

Your webinar will be available in the Upcoming Webinar calendar, visible to everyone visiting our site.

Your webinars will be included in our daily and weekly curated notifications sent to Webinara users in the categories you've selected.

How can I get the best results from using Webinara?

Be prepared

Make sure your profile is representative and looks great.

Make sure your webinar title and subtitle helps people understand what the webinar is about.

Create a webinar description that focuses on the take aways for the viewer / attendee.

Make sure your webinar is tagged with relevant categories for maximizing its targeted reach.

Post Your Webinar 2-3 weeks in advance for best results.

Add 3-5 detailed reasons why people should attend your webinar.

Add speaker names, twitter accounts, companies, and bio's to build trust and credibility.

Record your webinar and upload the recording to Webinara when the webinar is over. This will allow more people to find you and your webinar content long after the event is over.

Can Webinara guarantee for attendance results?

Webinara treats all webinars the same way for the sake of promotion, however, some webinars gain more traction than others. Make sure your content is relevant to your target audience and put the effort into making people want to register for your webinar by describing it well. Keep in mind, posting on Webinara 2-3 weeks in advance is a best practice.

Like anything else in life (or marketing), great results do not come overnight. Reaching your audience requires a long-term commitment, consistency, testing, improving and adjusting.

We provide you with statistics, so you can compare your webinar response rates over time.

For example: if your webinar is about beetles (the insect) the chance for low registrations is quite high. Although beetles are awesome creatures, the audience for them is not as large as it is for branding, big data, or sales.

Sprout Social recently had over 500 people register for one of their webinars via Webinara. You can read more about how they did it here.

Can I use the webinar solution I'm already using?

Yes, you don't need change anything about how you run your webinars because Webinara supports all webinar solutions and webinar landing pages. The focus is on your attendance.

Webinara provides connectors for the most popular webinar solutions to simplify the registration process for attendees.

Look at your current provider closely if you don't have good conversion rates from your webinar landing pages today.

Can I post evergreen webinars?

Yes, but it is easier for the Webinara team to boost your attendance when you are really there, running a live event.

Can I post recorded webinars?

You will be able to do this very soon, as we are actively working to add this functionality.

What happens if I make a mistake when I post my webinar?

Don't worry if you make some mistakes - nobody is perfect. We review each posting before publishing.


Private Messaging

Want to take your conversation offline? Absolutely. With the Private Messaging feature, you can do just that. It's super easy to keep track of your messages, and we'll alert you when you have new messages.

Privacy and Security


The Webinara website is encrypted and protected with top-flight security measures. Webinara is hosted by a highly reputable hosting partner, backing up your data several times a day. We monitor up-time, responsiveness, and potential security threats.

My information

You decide what information to share with end-users, and Webinara will never share your contact details with any third parties. For security reasons, you can change your email and password whenever you want.

Deleting information

If you want, you can delete your content and user anytime, just let us know.

Information about people registering for my webinars

When people register for your webinar, you still get information about the attendees the same way you are used to.

Please respect the attendees' privacy, and do not sell their email address or add them to your email lists without asking for their permission first.

Webinara already supports all webinar solutions.

If you like to make the registration process more seamless and increase number of attendees, you can connect Webinara with the webinar solution you are using. We will add more webinar solutions over time.

Check out our integrations


When we placed our first webinar on Webinara it was just a test and we didn't expect to get any notable results. We were pleasantly surprised by the amount of quality registrants who attended our webinar because of the help of Webinara's platform and their promotional campaigns. We have tried Webinara again since and the results have been similar each time. Working with Webinara is a delightful and easy experience. We can be confident that our visitors will represent the user segments we are looking to target, leaving us with more time for preparation, idea generation, and providing great marketing content to our attendees.

Simple and efficient! That's how Webinara works!"

Alex Navarro, Sr. Content Marketing Strategist, Distribion