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Webinara and Onstream Webinars are fully integrated. By connecting your Onstream account with your Webinara account, you can create, promote, rehearse and run your webinars directly from Webinara.

1. Connect Your Accounts

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2. Post Your Webinar

With just a simple post, your webinar is created. The webinar landing page is shared with thousands of potential attendees, and shared across social media. We also take care of the registration process, reminders, and calendar links.

Tip: Ask your contacts to share your webinar

3. Share and Promote

Webinara promotes your webinar across social media. Maximize your results - spread the word - share the webinar landing page. Invite your contacts to join. 

When the webinar date arrives, you simply log into Webinara and start your webinar. 

You can launch the webinar up to 1 hour before it starts to prepare yourself and your speakers. 

Attendees can join the webinar 15 minutes before. 

4. Run Your Webinar

Tip: Activate the Lobby feature, and let your attendees listen to nice lobby music while they wait for you to start the webinar.

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Tip: Share the link to your on-demand webinar from your homepage and in social media.

5. Record and Make it Available On-Demand

Record your webinar sessions and when each live event is over your landing page turns into a long-tail on-demand page. Webinara will continue to promote your webinar and more people will discover your great content. You get access to all the user data for those who view your webinar recording. 
Webinara will even notify all the people who registered for the webinar, including those who didn't attend, about the recording.

Are you already using Onstream and want to take advantage of Webinara?

With an integration of Webinara and Onstream Webinars you get twofold advantages in one solution.

Webinara and Onstream let you create, rehearse, promote, run and share the recording of your webinar in the same solution.

Some facts about Webinara + Onstream

Only Upside

Once you account is setup, it only take you 10 minutes to post, create and setup your next webinar. You can focus your time on preparing your webinar.

You spend time, money and resources to run your webinars, so you want as many people to attend as possible. Get the word out about your webinars.

The integration and your Webinara subscription is included in your Onstream Webinars subscription

Quick and Easy

No Cost

The success of your webinar is defined by its outreach.

What if you found the doorway into the world of webinar outreach?

With one simple post you can reach out to thousands of potential attendees, increase awareness, and generate curiosity building up to your event.

Webinara is the perfect solution to help promote your webinars and is fully integrated with Onstream Webinars.

It saves you time, extends the reach of your webinars, gets more attendees, and increases your brand awareness.

Add New People

Webinara helps you increase your online rankings and presence.

Inbound Marketing is about getting new people to get to know and learn about you

Don't spend time on webinar email confirmations and reminders. Webinara takes care of that for you. 

Good for SEO

Why You Should Use This Integration


Webinara shares your webinar with the people who are interested in your topics.
Your webinars are also promoted across social media.

Increase Reach

Webinar Landing Page

Don't spend time on landing pages that you only will use one time. Webinara creates one for you.

On-Demand Webinar

Your webinar recording will be distributed and available straight after the webinar, automatically.

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