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How To Submit Your Webinar

Learn How to Use 'Post Live Webinar' Form

In this article, you will learn how to submit your live webinar by using the ‘Post Webinar’ form.

To access the form you need to go to your Webinara profile (click on your name in the headermenu) and click on ‘Post New Webinar’. After that you need to click on ‘Post Live Webinar’ if you want to submit an upcoming webinar. Select Post Recorded Webinar if you have a webinar you want post and enable on-demand in Webinara. You can see accessing the form on the screenshots below.

When you open the webinar submission form, you will need to fill out the field with the necessary information about your webinar. The fields marked with * are required to fill out. However, we recommend to add all information about your webinar, as the more complete and detailed your webinar information is, the more users might get interested in attending your webinar.

1) Webinar Title (required) – Please pay attention that the maximum amount of characters limits by 50. 

2) Webinar Subtitle (optional) – There you can add a more extensive title of your webinar as it limits by 100 characters.

3) Webinar Description (required) – Here you add the most detailed information about your webinar. Make sure the potential webinar attendees understand what it is about.

4) Meta Description (required) – this is the description you need to add for the SEO purposes to make sure that your webinar gets easily discovered across the web.

5) Webinar Date, Start Time and End Time (required) – Make sure that the webinar attendees do not miss out your webinar and have the right time and date. 

6) Timezone (required) – as Webinara is a global platform, it is essential to use the correct time zone. When submitting the webinar, the timezone will be picked automatically from your profile settings, but it’s always good to pay attention to this. 

7) Select Webinar Platform (required) – Here you need to choose your webinar solution. Webinara has direct integration with the following webinar solution providers: GoToWebinar, Onstream, ReadyTalk and Webinato. If your webinar is using a different webinar solution, you just need to pick the other and provide the URL to your webinar registration page.

8) Categories (required) – Please pick three categories that fit your webinar most.

9) Reasons To Attend The Webinar (required) – Please add at least three reasons that would interest the users to attend the webinars. Usually here you can highlight the most interesting aspects of your webinar. You can add more reasons by clicking on ‘Add One More’.

10) Who Should Watch This (optional) – Here you can describe the profiles of potential webinar attendees. In this section you can also specify the extra-features of your webinar (mobile friendly, recording available, presentation/pdf available).

11) Organizer/Host – Will be filled out automatically from your Webinara profile. If your company is the only host of the webinar you can pick ‘Same as Organizer’. If there is an additional host, you can pick ‘Add New’ and fill out the information about the webinar host.
You can also add the speaker images in this section. We highly recommend to add the information and images of your speakers as this makes webinars to look very appealing to our users.

12) Webinar Promotion – If you chose ‘yes’, your webinar will be promoted across Webinara social media channels.

13) Webinar Fee – please specify if your webinar is free to attend or if there is a fee involved. 

14) Banners – It is an essential part of your webinar submission, as it defines the visual look of your webinar. The big banner can be more general, but still relate to your webinar topic. Using company logos is not allowed on the big banner.
The big banner also has three thumbnails which defined how the webinar looks across different platform pages, you need to pick the thumbnails so that your webinar appears correctly everywhere.

The optimal big banner image size is 1920 x 487. The thumbnail sizes are 634 x 394, 820 x 820 and 1024 x 512.

We strongly recommend you to upload the banners yourself. However, if you don’t have a banner to add, then it will be picked by the choice of Webinara support team. You can see a video demo of the big banner upload below.

15) The small banner size is 1024 x 512. A small banner can contain your company logo and the other webinar information.

16) Webinar video promotion – You can also upload the links to your webinar video promotion hosted on YouTube or Vimeo Services.

17) After filling out all necessary information, you need to tick the box below. By ticking the box you agree on the Webinara posting rules. Then you can go to the webinar preview mode or save your webinar as a draft to finish its submission later. 

18) In the webinar preview mode you will be able to see the webinar the same way as our users would see it. Please check your submission in the preview mode to make sure that all information is given correctly. If everything is correct you can finish the webinar submission by clicking on ‘Submit The Webinar’. 

If you still want to make some changes you can go back to to editing.

After you have finished your webinar submission, it will be shortly reviewed by our support team. Our team will make sure that the webinar has the best appearance to be able to attract maximum users on our platform. If there is anything that needs to be changed in your webinar submission, our support team will contact you.

Thank you for using Webinara! Get in touch if you have any questions or feedback. Feel free to use the chat on our website at any time or email [email protected]


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